[nagdu] Introduction

marilyn t21114 at optonline.net
Wed Aug 17 15:21:59 UTC 2011

Hi Everyone,
My name is Marilyn and I have a guide dog named Anna. She is from GDF.
I work as an Independent Living Skills Specialist doing Advocacy/Outreach. I also run a support group at my agency for people with all disabilities. I  teach disabled teenagers for a local high school Independent Living Skills during the school year for one morning a week. I am a Lion and volunteer for the NY Organ donor Network.  Tomorrow I am going to Rhode Island for a few days. I am on vacation for this week and part of next. Today i am getting together with 18 friends . Most are blind but we have a few sighted coming. I go to a social group out east on Long Island on Mondays so I don't work that day unless there is something special going on at my agency. A new blind support group has formed  in our county. I was there guest speaker . Right now I am taking on a cause trying to keep Talking Books on Long Island. they want to send 4,000 patrons from here to Manhattan who already can't handle there own patrons. I have a petition going around and last week had over 800 signatures. we will be doing some media coverage in Sept. to bring more attention to this. Some people told me I am wasting my time but you don't know until you try. This all came about because a blind veteran called my agency and said no one cares. I said I care.

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