[nagdu] fidelco guide dogs, what do you think of this organization

Artie. anolden at tampabay.rr.com
Thu Aug 18 15:05:57 UTC 2011

    I know people with Fidelco guides, I hang out in the group where they do, and my guide is from the Guide Dog 
Foundation  on Long Island.

    So,  you saw one item about a Fidelco guide that is less than satisfactory.  One?  I got a guide dog from Southeastern in Florida 11 years ago; a dog that admittedly should not have been issued to be a service dog; and was early-retired.  My second guide from SEGDI was fantastic!  My GDF guide is super fantastic, as is my S-O's Goldador from GDF, which is her sixth guide since high school; first from GDF.

    Poor matches happen everywhere.   It's part of life.  I'd seen mis-matches get corrected with SEGDI handlers.  No school never has a mis-match. 

    One reason I applied to GDF was that I spent my life and career on "the Island".  It's my old stomping grounds.

    I'd suppose that there are Fidelco  handlers here in the NAGDU list.  I can put the word out in the group where they hang their hats, if you'd like.

    Artie and GDF Golden guide dog JJ by the Gulf, 
    west central Florida.
    Dusty's Light Will  Shine Forever!
    and sweet Charcoal, who has received her Beautiful
    Angel Wings, her Loving Memory lives on in our hearts.

From: "reinhard stebner" 

I just joined this list in hopes of getting opinions of Fidelco guide  dogs.

1) What have you thought  about Fidelco dogs?  I recently say a Braille  monitor article about one users bad experience with Fidelco.  I had  applied for a dog from them in February and was just approved to get a  guide from them.  After reading the article, I have doubts if I have 
made the correct decision with attending this guide school.

2) All of the dogs that I have seen from this school have been very  well trained and respond well to their handlers.  I wanted a German  Shepherd and did not have time to go to a traditional school.  I have  had poor matches from other schools and wanted to give a smaller school 
a try.

Any constructive feedback is welcome about guide dogs schools.  I want  to make sure I am making the best possible decision and not have issues 
with he school.

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