[nagdu] Dixie, person would like to join FDGF-Friends.

Marion Gwizdala blind411 at verizon.net
Sat Aug 20 15:08:42 UTC 2011

    To the best of my knowledge, Dixie is not on the NAGDU list!

Fraternally yours,
Marion Gwizdala

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Subject: [nagdu] Dixie, person would like to join FDGF-Friends.

> Hi Dixie.
> reinhard stebner would like to join the FGDF-Friends list.
>            Artie.
> cc: reinhard stebner
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> Subject: [nagdu] fidelco guide dogs, what do you think of this 
> organization
> Good day to you,
> I just joined this list in hopes of getting opinions of Fidelco guide  > 
> dogs.
> 1) What have you thought  about Fidelco dogs?  I recently say a Braille 
> monitor article about one users bad experience with Fidelco.  I had
>> applied for a dog from them in February and was just approved to get a 
>> guide from them.  After reading the article, I have doubts if I have 
>> made the correct decision with attending this guide school.
>> 2) All of the dogs that I have seen from this school have been very 
>> well trained and respond well to their handlers.  I wanted a German 
>> Shepherd and did not have time to go to a traditional school.  I have 
>> had poor matches from other schools and wanted to give a smaller school a 
>> try.
> Any constructive feedback is welcome about guide dogs schools.  I want  to 
> make sure I am making the best possible decision and not have issues  with 
> he school.
> =================.
>    I know people with Fidelco guides, I hang out in the group where they 
> do, and my guide is from the Guide Dog  Foundation  on Long Island.
>    So,  you saw one item about a Fidelco guide that is less than 
> satisfactory.  One?  I got a guide dog from Southeastern in Florida 11 
> years ago; a dog that admittedly should not have been issued to be a 
> service dog; and was early-retired.  My second guide from SEGDI was 
> fantastic!  My GDF guide is super fantastic, as is my S-O's Goldador from 
> GDF, which is her sixth guide since high school; first from GDF.
>    Poor matches happen everywhere.   It's part of life.  I'd seen 
> mis-matches get corrected with SEGDI handlers.  No school never has a 
> mis-match.
>    One reason I applied to GDF was that I spent my life and career on "the 
> Island".  It's my old stomping grounds.
>    I'd suppose that there are Fidelco  handlers here in the NAGDU list.  I 
> can put the word out in the group where they hang their hats, if you'd 
> like.
>    Artie and GDF Golden guide dog JJ by the Gulf,
>    west central Florida.
>    Dusty's Light Will  Shine Forever!
>    and sweet Charcoal, who has received her Beautiful
>    Angel Wings, her Loving Memory lives on in our hearts.
> ======================.
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