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Good for you, Rox.
I forgot to mention that I have a hearing loss, I'm deaf in one ear and it
certainly makes a difference.
Try living in my body and using a cane--lol.

But I have met people with absolutely perfect hearing who love using a dog
so it's pretty much what you find works.
I have a buddy who frankly is so good with a cane that I don't see why he'd
ever want a pup--smile--yet he had one for eight years and feels they're
superior for independent travel, he just doesn't want the responsibility and
I can respect that.
He says that if he had a hearing issue he would need to think about it
because, as we travel together he's told me about what he hears and so on
and I feel that's part of his orientation, these are things that I miss. I
can't follow sound though I can hear it for example.


Dan and the Carter Nut


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There are people who can't use a cane.  I can't be safe with a cane because
I'm Deafblind with balance issues.  If people want to judge me because I
don't, they are welcome to it.  But I'd love to see anyone try and live in
my body while using a cane.  Everyone is different and I am perpetually
perplexed at by some people's need to judge others travel choices.

I have very good O&M skills.  I understand that others may not either
because they choose not to or because something is preventing them from
gaining these skills such as a traumatic brain injury,.  I think if your
skills aren't sufficient, you need to make a plan for yourself so as not to
impose on others because you are incapable.  Someone I know has terrible
O&M, he freely admits it and that he has zero interest in improving this
skill set.  So he has a hired driver.  If for some reason I can't take a dog
where I need to go (very rare) I have an SSP (support service provider), it
is someone who is specially trained to work with Deafblind people, and who
can do sighted guide and who can communicate using American Sign Language or
another method of the persons' choice.
I guess in my uncaffinated way, I'm trying to say there is more than one way
to skin a cat.

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