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I don't understand this post. Dogs are by definition very adaptable. So long as they get food, a rule set that is consistent and love they're good to go. 

What would happen if for whatever reason you couldn't keep your retired pup, no matter how much you may want to? Health of you, other family members or the pup, an apartment that won't let you keep him, lack of time, energy or money to give him what he needs, you name it. 
Sounds like either the school needs to get a clue or you are cooking the data. 

I put this out there because being told what you "should do" by someone who doesn't live in your life can crush you. Where is the value in that? 

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Hi Bibi,

I had no problem retiring and keeping  13 year old Ariel. No one 
asked me to send her back to Pilot.


>Hi, Pasle,
>Although Odie is retired from guide dog work, Jay Gray, executive 
>director told me it was best that my husband Dale and I keep him as 
>a family member.
>It would have been too hard and rough on Odie if he had to go back 
>to the school, only to end up back in the kennel and wait for his 
>puppy raisers or someone else to adopt him.
>That would really devistate Odie deeply and he would feel sad, 
>depressed, abandoned and unwanted.
>He's always been an important member of the family who has lots of 
>love to give and definitely makes my husband Dale and I laugh 
>especially when he decides to do funny things.
>Back when he was my guide dog, Odie was still considered my kid and 
>member of the family again.
>Yes, he'd try to bate people into petting him and it also happens 
>when he's wearing his medical alert service dog vest.
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