[nagdu] Blind man killed by car

marilyn t21114 at optonline.net
Sat Aug 27 01:03:06 UTC 2011

Hi Everyone,
It's very sad when anyone gets hit by a car let alone looses there life. I had a friend named Adam who was a member of NFB who was killed by a car a few years ago in Wisconsin. His dog a beautiful golden who I held as a pup was ok. The dogs name was Trigger. His family adopted the dog.
I don't think anyone who drives intentionally want's to hit anyone walking. It hard enough being blind and being a part of the world but we have places to go too and things to do. I have had some close calls and I thank GOD for my wonderful dogs who protect me. I had a close call back in Dec. in Smithtown while walking from a bagel store to meet a legislator. Had I had a cane I would have been hit by a car but giving my dog the forward command and her refusing to go saved me. It was cold and windy and the traffic kept going on the Main street. I hit the button on the street light but couldn't hear if the cars stopped as they were coming in 4 directions. On the side of me and in front of me. GDF does there training there and I have been involved with the county, state and towns putting audible street lights in certain places. that was one place I put a request in.  A few people were hit by cars there and one a veteran was killed trying to cross main street.
Marilyn and Anna

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