[nagdu] Hurricane Irine (or Irene)

Marsha Drenth marsha.drenth at gmail.com
Sat Aug 27 00:32:53 UTC 2011

Thank you for the thoughts. This girl who is originally from Texas, who can
handle tornadoes, bad storms with lightening, the heat, and now the snow.
Here in PA, we have had a earthquake and now an impending hurricane. Since I
moved to the East coast, the weather has been crazy. Maybe its me. 

I am outside of Philadelphia. We have our drinking water. And will see what
happens from here on out. We will hope for the best, but prepare for the

All the east coasters, be careful and safe!


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Hi, all,
Just wanted to let everyone know that Odie and I will be praying for those 
of you who are impacted by Hurricane Irine (or Irene).
I usually try not to say this on list too much, and I know I'll probably be 
blasted by a lot for doing this by some moderators on some list, but here it

Dear Father,
I ask that you please keep many of those and their four-legged furry friends

safe and sound that are going to be impacted by the latest hurricane that is

800 square feet wide.
Let's hope that no lives are lost humans and four-legged furry friends 
My aunt Kathy and uncle mike have a summer property on the beach in North 
Carolina, so I also hope they don't end up losing all of the summer 
property, but have a feeling that it may happen.
There was a hurricane that hit where their summer property is at last year 
in 2010, but thankfully, nothing was damaged or lost.
As for the many states that are impacted by this hurricane, many publi 
transportations like buses and rail/subway will be cut off and no air 
flights will be happening.
Many airports will probably end up losing a lot of money with all of this 
going on.
I'm sure Colorado will be affected by hurricane winds later down the road as

well, so am prepared for that and honestly I definitely plan to listen to 
what Odie is indicating if he starts behaving weird and going crazy.
You'd think I would have learned to listen to him and take him seriously 
before when he's tried to warn me before of the weather and danger, but I 
guess I haven't listened to him enough nor taken him seriously before.
So, I know I'd better do so this time or deal with him kicking my behind 
pretty good.
Well, back off to read more emails and then will have to get off the net for

McAffe to install more updates.
Bibi and retired Odie
the happy spirited bounty labra wolf
because he behaves like a wolf at times 

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