[nagdu] bye bye hurricane Irene

Marsha Drenth marsha.drenth at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 00:30:15 UTC 2011



We survived hurricane Irene. I am very very happy she is dieing a long and
torturous death now. It was a rough night in our parts. Very high winds, and
lots and lots and lots of rain. We luckly do not have any major damage. Our
electricity didn't even go out, Thank the heavens! Otherwise our basement
would have been a swimming pool. Emma didn't quite like the wind and rain,
so we limited the amount of times we had to go out in it. 


Hope all who were effected by her were safe and are safe now. 


So you East Coasters, earthquake, hurricane. Anyone wanna take bets on what
our winter is going to be like? I don't think I or Emma can deal with
anymore natural disasters or storms. 




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