[nagdu] Marion's comments to ignorant people

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We went to an Indian place and the staff absolutely refused to let me in with my dog.  I can't remember the whole discussion, but my husband who wasn't my husband at the time eventually stepped in and said something about us being engaged. At that moment, the staff's attitude totally changed. All we could figure was that they thought I had been given to my husband and he didn't know I was blind when the "arrangement" went down. The staff was very nice to him and kind of ignored me. We never did go back, though the story is funny now. 

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One of my favorite idiot wait staff stories goes like this.

One evening, my wife, who wasn't my wife yet, her dad and stepmom, and I, went out to a TGI Friday's for dinner. The waitress came up to the table and started taking orders. When she got to me, we had the following conversation:

Waitress: And what would he like?

Me: Melanie, would you please tell the waitress that I would like the steak sticks?

Melanie: He'd like the steak sticks, please.

Waitress: And how would he like them cooked?

[I'm a little bit put out that she didn't get it yet.]

Me: Melanie, would you please tell her I'd like them medium well?

Melanie: He'd like them medium well.

I think she got it by that point, but I'm not sure.

I'm pretty sure that Melanie's dad and stepmom thought I wasn't very polite. Or something. But they're used to me now. I think. 
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On Aug 26, 2011, at 9:17 PM, marilyn wrote:

> Hi Marion,
> I liked your x wife's comment that she spilled the water. I also enjoyed your comment back to that ignorant man about blind people shouldn't be let out of there homes alone. 
> I was on vacation for the last week and a half. I went to Rhode Island for a few days and had a great time. Not one place I went said anything about my guide dog. I went out to lunch with a friend , her guide dog and her husband while there. she told the restaurant we need a table for 7 people and three dogs. they gave us a table with plenty of room. Its makes you feel good when everything goes smooth when you go away. On Wednesday which was my last vacation day I went with friend out to the sea port town of Greenport. Again every where I went no problems. But while standing in front of a store and my friends explaining what stores where there a man came up to Anna and started to pet her. I said in a nice way "Please don't pet my dog its working. He ignored me. I said it nicely again but in a firm voice and his comment was I like dogs. I moved Anna back a little and stood in front of him now blocking him from touching her. My friends couldn't believe it. Then we walked over to the carousel and the two ladies there couldn't have been nicer to me and Anna. I went on the Carousel and Anna went on with me. I gave her an extended leash while I was on a horse that went up and down. the ladies like us so much they offered us another ride but I had to leave to catch my bus. they told us me I was the first blind person and Anna was the first dog ever on the Carousel in Greenport.
> Marilyn and Anna who love rides
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