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Some dogs don't seem to respond as well to clicker as others.  My current
guide almost shut down in that part of our training, even though she was
fully clicker wise.  I don't bother to use it at all.  Some dogs respond
very well to play rather than clicker or even food.  Have you thought of
bringing one of his favorite toys and playing a little with him as a reward?


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My dog's foot got caught in a door about three weeks ago. I was
heeling him like I thought my school wanted. I later found out I was
doing it slightly wrong. I am now wanting my dog to go to my right
side for right handled doors. I have been teaching this to him. He
understands the concept but unless I have treats he will not complete
the task. I have been clicking and treating for about two to three
weeks now. How long do people click and treat with their dogs? Any
suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

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