[nagdu] pilot dogs traffic checks was Update: Training Programs atNAGDU Meeting

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They do something similar but its not really a traffic chek.
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> I've heard this before, that pilot dogs doesn't do traffic checks. As I am 
> considering this program for after my Cocoa girl retires I'm wondering if 
> it's maybe a difference in terminology? I mean, their dogs are trained to 
> stop if a car approaches, right? Like, intelligent disobedience? But is it 
> that pilot dogs doesn't set up artificial situations for their students 
> where they have a car driven by a staff member to test them? I'd think 
> that in Columbus there would be plenty of real life traffic checks without 
> setting them up like other schools do! Ugh, Columbus traffic! Do I have it 
> right or am I thinking of something different? Thanks!!
> Ava and Cocoa
> On Jul 1, 2013, at 1:24 PM, rhonda cruz <rhondaprincess at gmail.com> wrote:
>> the staff at pilot are good.
>>  maybe if we got more grads from pilot they would change there minds,
>> about going to a nfb convention,
>> but i will never know, if i just ask.
>> On Jul 1, 2013, at 7:04 AM, Star Gazer wrote:
>>> Sounds like the trainer at Pilot wasn't briefed properly before giving 
>>> her
>>> presentation.
>>> Agree with Marsha, the folks in charge at Pilot could have calmed her 
>>> down
>>> and used it as a learning opportunity.
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>>> marion,
>>> When did this happen? I am assuming before you took the presidency.
>>> Althought there has been those members around since those time,, before 
>>> you
>>> took the presidency, the NAGDU is certainly different from those times 
>>> too.
>>> its unfortunate that Pilot feels that way, that they feel they can not
>>> participate. I wonder if its graduates urged them to do so, if they 
>>> would. I
>>> do feel like that is a cop-out.
>>> Marsha drenth
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>>> On Jun 28, 2013, at 6:53 PM, "National Association of Guide Dog Users"
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>>>> Rhonda,
>>>>  Pilot has not been to an NFB convention since I have been an
>>>> officer. When I spoke with Jay Gray to invite him, he said Pilot would
>>> never
>>>> attend another convention because it was his opinion one of his 
>>>> trainers
>>> was
>>>> embarrassed at a meeting. I don't remember the incident, but he said 
>>>> the
>>>> trainer was asked about traffic checks and she said Pilot did not do
>>> traffic
>>>> checks. Apparently, the president at the time was very surprised and
>>>> exclaimed, "You don't do traffic checks?" According to someone else 
>>>> that
>>> was
>>>> there, this is how it happened and a rather strong discussion of the
>>>> importance of traffic checks followed. I told Mr. Gray that I felt it 
>>>> was
>>> a
>>>> reasonable question and couldn't imagine not doing traffic checks while
>>>> assuring him that, in spite of the fact that our members can be very
>>>> assertive, I would never allow anyone to insult another nor treat 
>>>> anyone
>>>> with disrespect or in an undignified manner. Pilot has still not chosen 
>>>> to
>>>> attend our conventions, though!
>>>> Fraternally yours,
>>>> Marion Gwizdala
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