[nagdu] insect bite or bee sting/dog medicated

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Hi Daniel.
Poor Cass!  My Echo got bitten a couple different times, and her face 
swelled up, poor dear.  It was a while back, but I think I took her to the 
vet and she got a shot.  She had OK energy, and was able to work some, but I 
could tell she wasn't too comfortable.
The first time it happened we were flying somewhere, so she had to work a 
Hope Cass feels better soon.
Watch those meds; some of them make the dog need to pee a lot.

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Hi all,

Cass received multiple bites or bee stings on Monday. She ended up getting a
puffed up face due to an allergic reaction on Monday night. This is when I
realized this happened.

I immediately gave her Benadryl, one in the evening and one in the early
morning of Tuesday morning.

I was able to get into the vet Tuesday morning. She was bitten on her ear
multiple times and on her mouth. Poor girl.

The vet instructed me to continue Benadryl every 8 hours for the next
several days and also gave me prednisone to administer, one a day for 3 days
and ½ for 2 days.

As you may think, Cass is not feeling too well. The Benadryl makes her feel
drowsy, and lethargic. She wants to play, but just doesn't have it in her.

Has anyone had a similar occurrence?

I was wondering about working her? I thought about going out to lunch and
taking her. It is not a strenuous working job, but she is really bored I can
tell. I don't know if this is a good idea or not. Having a friend along
would ensure my safety, and it would give the girl an opportunity to get out
and look around at the people which she loves to do.

Also, I was wondering if anyone was familiar with how long I should keep her
down if I should at all. Does the medication affect her working behavior?

Thanks for any input.

Daniel and Cass

Lakewood, Colorado

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