[nagdu] Restrooms

Lori Dent loriandleo at ohiohills.com
Thu Jul 4 16:47:53 UTC 2013

Hi Tracy and all,

When I go into a public restroom with my dog I always try to get the big 
handycapped stall. But if I can't get the big handy capped stall then I will 
go into the regular smaller stalls.

I will walk into the smaller stall and turn around then I will call my dog 
in with meaand have him turn aroundand stand or sit in front of me depending 
on how much room I have in the stall.

And if my dog can't stand or sit in front of me do to  the stall being a 
little on the small side then I will have him back up  in between the stall 
wall and the toiletand have him sit or stand and wait for mee. Then when I 
come out of a stall I will have my dog wait in between the stall wall and 
toilet so that I can open the stall door and we can walk out.

I haven't had any problems doing it this way for us.

Of course I always make sure the  floor is dry and clean before I have my 
dog sit down and if it's not then I have my dog stand and wait for me. Take 

Lori and the Gipper 

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