[nagdu] Housing difficulty

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Hi Lora,
It gets tricky when you are looking to rent a room and have a service or 
guide dog.  The service access laws generally exempt rooms in private homes 
or rooms in a small place where the owner also lives. Don't know about SRO 

Personally, I wouldn't want to rent from a place where they hassle blind 
folks and their dogs over everything - including over where the dog will 
have it's relief area.  I'd take being in a dog-friendly place anyday. 
Guess I've been lucky.  I have rented apartments since 1972 and never had 
any problems.  During the short period of time that I rented in a two-family 
house where the owner lived upstairs, I didn't have a dog then.  I was 
between dogs and was working in food service then.  When I moved out of that 
house and into a condo my then girlfriend bought, got a job at a software 
company, I then returned to TSE to get a new dog.  I have ALWAYS brought my 
guide dogs to the offices while apartment hunting.  That way, there's no 
question as to what my dog is like or that I'd look like I was sneaking in a 
pet.  I am upfront and honest and I've never had any questioning about the 

Some of the larger apartment complexes I lived in allowed dogs or all sizes 
and other pets.  The ones that didn't permit pet dogs had no problem with my 
guide dog.  The one I live in now for the past 13 years have gone from 
allowing dogs, not allowing dogs, and now allowing them again.  All of this 
time, they never hassled me about having guide dogs.  If a place was going 
to give me a hard time about my dog, I'd report them but not live there.  I 
like to live where i can just come and go at will and live in peace while at 
home.  My dog parks off the curb on the street in front of my complex and i 
clean up after the dog.  many of the pet owners do not pick up after their 
dogs and they let their dogs go in the lawns!  I do not let my dog use the 
lawns since there are things to step in or trash for Landon to eat.  It 
isn't a trashy complex - just some appears over the weekends when the 
growndskeepers aren't there to clean it up.  Lots of times, the stuff is 
papers wrappings for fast food.

Lyn and Landon
"Asking who's the man and who's the woman in an LGBT relationship is like 
asking which chopstick is the fork" - Unknown
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> Hello list
> I just had a housing issue that I would like advice on.
> I am looking for housing and I found a three bedroom place and was going 
> to rent a room. Everything went well until I said I have a SD. Below is 
> the transcript from my text:
> What is your availability Saturday? I have a service dog which is allowed 
> in housing even where pets aren't. (The ad said no pets) I'm sorry I don't 
> um like dogs so that would be a deal breaker sorry about that do you own 
> the place or does someone else? (I was going to check to see how many 
> units they had) what doesn't matter I understand but it isn't ok to not 
> allow a service dog. Yes it is if I lived here I don't want a dog so it is 
> ok not to love service dogs I choose not to rent to someone with an 
> animal.
> I know there are some exceptions to the FHAA what are they? If I were to 
> rent with a family are they excluded? Thank you for your time and advice.
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