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Jimmy jimmydagerman80 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 9 14:58:03 UTC 2013

Greetings my fellow Nagdu members,
I just wanted to briefly mention a product of mine that you fellow NFB braille  users may enjoy. My business,Kustom Cane, cariies canes but also charms for canes and dog harnesses. These charms also can attach to the dog's collar. Thy come in brass, copper, and stainless in a variety of shapes including  a heart, butterfly, dog tag, round tag, football tag, and more. What is cool is that you can personalize the cane charm to say whateveryou want. Some dog charms I have say: Carpe Diem- which means sieze the day.
-Walk On! is another
and No Boundaries is yet another.
Put your dogs name or your name on the braille charm. Options are endless. FOr more information, call me at 901-483-1515. 
	I was happy to meet some of you at convention last week and look forward to continueing to build our relationship.

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James Boehm
"don't be plain -Go Kustom Cane!"

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