[nagdu] First timer

d m gina dmgina at samobile.net
Tue Jul 9 21:39:01 UTC 2013

this was my first time for convention, I tried hard keeping my dog in 
control, where when he learned that dogs were groweling at him he would 
growel back.
he got corrected, where in his mind he wanted to play.
Some of the dogs were so out of hand I would scream.
When a person knows their dog will do this every time they are around 
large groups of dogs, they should let the school know, or not bring the dog.
I spoke to seeing eye about this, saying that my dog did join in but at 
no time did he jump on any dog.
I had helpers tell me it wasn't my dog it was the persons dog.
I will not put up with this kind of foolishness.
I was shown how to keep the collar up under chin then correct.
Now his hotel work wow.
he would be given a command, then seeing something he wanted to go to 
he would take off and take me with him.
At no time could I know this hotel.
I never did get it figured out.
At the banquet his paw did get stepped on where he did limp.
Another lady did share this with me.
His room manners were wonderful.
the noise of the water fall in front was so loud I would get disoriented.
I had to ask staff to help me out with the dog.
I don't live back east, so to have the humidity blast you in the face 
as you went out was unreal.
I loved the days when it wasn't bad at all going out.
For me it was hard to give a command inside the building.
I felt the staff were wonderful.
Now the air conditioners cause my hip to hurt so bad I would cry.
I had to get used to the loud noise.
I can handle a crowd sitting as we did, where to have all of this 
talking in the lobby is another matter.
Would I go again, yes, to help out Montana.
He traveled well going and coming.

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