[nagdu] spending time with Odie

Criminal Justice Major Extraordinaire orleans24 at comcast.net
Wed Jul 10 17:58:40 UTC 2013

Hi, all,
I like to spend quality time with Odie when it comes to me taking him out for brushing.
I like to press my hands on him while the brush goes through his skin, getting up the loose hair.
I always put baby powder, on-coat grooming spray and Bethead Yogurt deodurant to make him smell good.
By the time I'm done, he's much happier and does express he has any itching going on.
I'll tell you'alls what Odie and I would love the most right now: is so much, needed, rain to give Colorado along with many others a good soaking.
No hail, lightning, thunder or tornadic winds, please.
Just a nice, slow, steady rain to cool things off.
Bibi and son Odie

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