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Hi all.
Dar, that is really good that you didn't just say never again.
I think that is really great and you should be commended.
the bottom line is that there are some people that are rude and unkind 
whther they are a cane user, dog user or use sighted guide.
Blind people are no different.
I loved the prayer that ny friend tom anderson did on the first general 
session where he mentiond loving kindness.

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It took two days for my boy to get back to his playful self again.
It was fun to watch.
I know we are regrouping, you would think that the dog would be able to
do this faster.
It was a wonderful experience for both of us.
I do hope if we can make it back to convention next year, that maybe
someone could encourage the dog schools as they used to do help you
learn at least the lobby and the places to take the dog to park.
then the staff wouldn't have to help as much.
For me I was always going out a different door, this doesn't help when
you have disorientation problems.
Then you can't give the dog directions when you don't know them as well.
I admired all of those who went to the other hotel and came back just
fine it seemed.
I never did get over to wall greens or anything like that.
the hip and the air conditioner didn't love each other at all.
I didn't feel safe traveling in an area I didn't know.
I also had to watch my health problems as well.
I couldn't be out long in the humidity.
it was getting the best of me.
I am hoping in a couple of months I can get the gps from seeing eye.
I am hoping for those who are using this gps is learning allot.
My husband has it, I am hoping we can get out in the evening to work with 
I am not sorry I don't have the direction sense I used to have, you
just learn to work with what you do have.
I know I would enjoy Florida in the winter months than I did this last week.
Hope to see as many as I can again next year.

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