[nagdu] small seizure

Criminal Justice Major Extraordinaire orleans24 at comcast.net
Fri Jul 12 03:17:10 UTC 2013

Hi, all,
I ended up having a small seizure while I was in the process of taking Odie out for a possible final park time for the night as the weather's getting really bad here.
As I was finishing up a couple of phone calls, Odie began bumping the bed, letting me know I needed to take my medicine right away.
I did that before I got him out.
Thankfully, Steven the security guard was outside with us on the lawn.
A couple lightning strikes happened and I suddenly felt affixuated and as if I was not there.
As soon as I got into the apartment complex, I immediately lie down on the floor for a few minutes in the lobby.
Odie scooted up behind my head and he allowed me to rest my head upon him.
This was in the hopes that the energy would be redirected elsewhere.
One the seizure feeling vanished, I was able to get up to come back upstairs.
The security guard had his phone ready to call paramedics right off the bat.
So for now while we may have some rough storms, Odie's working gear, his shoes, my cel phone and medical list with other stuff will be in my back pack just to be on the safe side.
Odie was very calm throughout the whole ordeal and I praised him with lots of good boys.
I believe that I will be all right, but know if the worst were to come, I can immediately make it down to the security guard's desk and get help with my partner beside me.
Bibi and son Odie

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