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	I think your initiative is awesome and I hope you choose to become a
member of the Florida Association of Guide dog Users. We need more people
like you in our Movement! Be sure to get in touch with Sherrill O'Brien
about becoming a member and working with the division!
	On a lighter note, I would have loved to have seen the look on the
faces of those people when the Chief identified himself. They must think you
are a very important person to have the Chief of Police himself take care of
your problems! (grin) I bet you don't have any more challenges there!
	On another light note, I called the Starke Police Department to
commend Chief Johnson for personally taking an interest in this issue and
discussing it with the restaurant. Keep in mind I live in Tampa, the second
largest municipality in the state behind Miami. Imagine the chuckle I had
when I got the Sherrif's Office instead of the police department and was
advised the police department was closed for the weekend! I was just a
little more than tickled! I'm not sure if they appreciated my candidLOL! I
guess they don't expect any more service animal denials this weekend! (big

Still chuckling!

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Hello All, I am happy to report that the Starke police chief himself went
and talked to the china restaurant people and this is what he said happened;
Suzy and Izzy.  I have gone by the China Buffet and spoken with the owners.
I also presented them with a copy of Florida Statute 413.08 to include the
penalty for failure to comply.   I believe they will be more welcoming in
the future now that they are aware.  Please let me know if there are anymore
Chief Jeff Johnson.
I will go back to that restaurant in the near future and let you know what
-Suzy Wilson & Izzy

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