[nagdu] Training Hotel Staff

Margo and Arrow margo.downey at verizon.net
Sun Jul 14 21:26:57 UTC 2013

I know we're having the feedback call this evening but want us to look at
the training of hotel staff.  Some people were asked the questions one would
ask according to the hotel's pet policy and apparently some staff did not
realize or understand what was meant by service or guide dog.  I contacted
two hotel managers about all of this while we were there.  Staff were asking
what breed the dog was and how big and the weight.  The managers understood
that these were irrelevant questions and promised to talk with staff.  Also,
one person was told that those of us with big dogs would only be able to
stay on the second or third floors which was the pet policy.  That must have
been corrected.  Also, even after our relief areas were set up, staff were
occasionally sending folks to the pet relief area only.  

There needs to be omore consistency there and understanding by staff.  I
think, too, there might have been some cultural and/or language

There was also an incident when housekeeping knocked on our door and we had
our dogs on leashes and the housekeeping staff member didn't look but loudly
proclaimed that we needed to have our animals on leash or crated.  Okay,
that's fine but both guide dogs were on leash and we were holding the
leashes and we were close enough for her to see that that was so.

I'm thinking NAGDU might need to monitor the understanding hotel staffs have
regarding service dogs.

Margo and Arrow

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