[nagdu] now what, a fox in my relief area!, any advice?

Daniel daniel.sweeney1 at comcast.net
Tue Jul 16 18:55:36 UTC 2013


I guess the subject line says it pretty well. I am about to go crazy. If you
remember I wrote a couple weeks ago about Cass being stung and suffering an
allergic reaction. At that time I allowed her a bit of latitude when we went
out to use our relief area.

The area is just off my patio where I have a gravel area for her. She has
always used this area with absolutely no problem. I can clean it very easily
after every time. The patio has that astro-turf material on it, and when she
was going through her "stung and allergic" period, she stayed away from the
pea gravel and used the patio about 3 times. I didn't think too much about
this since she was sort of drugged, and it was easy to hose off being on the
edge of the patio near the rocks.

She returned to using the pea gravel and all was fine again until a couple
days ago. I would take her out and she would go to the farthest point away
from the edge of the patio, next to the house to do her business, and then
hustle behind me to get in the patio door to get in the house. Then when we
went out again I forced her over to the gravel and she just ran back to the
house area on the patio and relieved herself. I didn't want to try pulling
her back again to the gravel since I felt that there must be something
wrong. Then yesterday when I got her leash to go outside to relieve, she ran
back to her bed! She would not come when I called. I had to go get her.

We went outside and she just hugged the wall to pee.

Come to find out there is a fox that has been marking all around her area. I
live in an open area with no fences, and I am at a loss at what to do now to
do. Animal control will not do anything to trap the animal if they believe
the fox is not a threat. Any suggestions?

I have tried the grass area in front of my house and she will not go there
either since it must be carrying the same scent. I would rather not have to
go a block to have to do our relieving if we don't have to.


Daniel and Cass

Lakewood, Colorado


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