[nagdu] Welcome new members...

Marsha Drenth marsha.drenth at gmail.com
Thu Jul 18 13:24:22 UTC 2013

Jessica, Derek, and patty, and anyone else: 

Welcome to our list. We have a great group, so if you have any questions, or conversation starters, please do post. this list is great for constructive and productive discussion. 

Just to introduce myself. I am marsha, wife, mother, fur mom, full time student. my guide is a black lab cross from GDF. I'm the mother of three teenagers. Full time student at Temple University in Philadelphia PA. And I am married to a wonderful husband. Lastly I am deafblind and have recently lost a considerable amount of hearing. 

I am also the moderator of this list. I previously sent out the rules, so please read and follow to the best of your ability. I do read every message, and will warn listers if they break the rules. If you ahve any questions about anything, please don't hesitate to email me offlist at marsha.drenth at gmail.com 

Enjoy your time here.... 

Marsha drenth  
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