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I've had those moths too.   They aren't from not keeping your house clean. 
the eggs come in your food.  I know it sounds gross.  It's most common when 
you buy groceries from large stores where the food may have been sitting in 
warehouses or the like for a while and picked up the eggs.   I frequently 
shop at Wal-Mart. I'm pretty sure mine came from a package of oatmeal.

Foods like oats, oatmeal's, cereals, flour, and other grain products are the 
most likely carriers and also the most well liked food.  Many dog foods have 
quite a lot of grain in them and can easily become moth food.  If you have 
any of this stuff in your home, I'd suggest throwing it out.  It feels like 
a huge waste, I know.  But anything that isn't in a sealed metal can, glass 
jar with a tight fitting lid or sturdy plastic container can be harboring 
eggs and they will come back even if you kill off the adults.  Throw out 
anything that's in a paper container or a plastic bag.

I then washed down everything with a bleach solution.  I dipped all the 
canned and jarred goods into this bleach solution.  I scrubbed the inside of 
the cabinet where the problem was.  Then I left everything out on the 
counter so I could wipe out the cabinet every couple of days.  I did this 
for about 6 weeks to be sure that if there were any eggs left they would 
have time to hatch and I could kill them.

When you buy new foods that come in paper or thin plastic bags, including 
dog food, keep them in sealed ziplock bags or bins with air tight lids. 
Store as much as you can in the refridgerator or freezer.

I was able to get rid of the moths here with just one round of treating 
them, which lasted over several weeks.  Because of the lifecycle of the 
moths you have to keep at it for a few weeks dilligently, until any 
remaining eggs have had an opportunity to hatch.

Does your dog food bin seal airtight?  Something else to consider might be 
to buy canned food for a short time until this problem clears up.  Some dog 
foods come in heavy duty mylar bags with zip seals.  I really like this 
feature of the food I'm feeding now, which is Earthborn wholeistics.


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Hi, all,
If you'd rather not read this, the n please feel free to delete and move on.
Now to continue...
Sub says it all.
I am very, very frustrated.
I don't hold my four-legged furry partner for it either as this isn't Odie's 
For the past several months after dale left for the spiritual world, I began 
to have problems with the milworm moths popping up again and making their 
home in my son's dog food.
I originally had his Beneful Healthy Radiance in a rubber made trash can 
which I confess it was a dumb idea for sure.
I thought for some reason it was a dog food container.
Little did I know that it was more meant as a trash can.
Well, I threw out the trash can and bought a container on wheels from 
Petsmart which also has a latch to keep the lid tightly shut.
I had no idea that the dog gone milworm moths were still making their home 
inside of Odie's food.
Since I've always had trouble trying to keep my apartment at a cool, stable 
temperature, it's continuously hot and humid, a perfect breeding ground for 
I do plan on contacting Purina's Customer Service tomorrow morning to talk 
with them and to see if they know of some other tips and tricks on trying to 
prevent this problem from going further and speaking with a service 
cordinator in the morning.
Right now, Odie's food is once again stored in plastic trash bags and I have 
them tied up, but enough to where I have4 easy access to and the food 
storage containers have been cleanned up.
My cousin-in-law and aunt-in-law were here to help me get it dealt with.
As of now, we decided not to put everything back up until the spraying is 
done again.
Odie and I will be staying at my father-in-law's home for a few days as of 
next tuesday until Friday.
I hope that once Bug-a-Boo does the bating again. more will be done.
Sorry you'alls, but I had to get this off of my chest.
Hopefully, everyone with their furry friends enjoy their weekend.
Odie and I are just going to stay home this Saturday and Sunday to rest up.
Bibi and son Odie
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