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Sat Jul 20 20:21:19 UTC 2013

Hi, all,
Although in the message you're going to see means well and commonsense, I may not agree with all of it.
Truth holds tis that everyone has a right to opinions and feelings with their points of view and how they feel.
My hopes are that it can all be done in a nice manner with no hostility involved.
As far as the dog food containers go, I've seen the ones that have a easy to tighten lid and do like the material.
Trouble is that due to my arthritis, I'm not able to move it from underneath my kitchen shelf that easily once the food is in it and back under it.
I also have carpel tunnel which can also make unscrewing lids round bottle caps or lids dificult and I end up feeling all of the pain in my wrists and hands.
Since the carpel tunnel is too advanced, I wouldn't quallify for the accupuncture therapy or have surgery done to fix it.
i'm doing my best for my four-legged furry partner, despite that we're on a tight, fixed encome for the time being.
At least I'm coroperating with it all and am definitely trying to put a stop to it all.
Thankfully, i'm not the only resident in my apartment complex who is dealing with the milworm moths.
Lots of other residents are encountering the same problem too.
I find  what's most important is I can still keep Odie under control with continuous use of my voice and thankfully, he doesn're require lots of leash corrections either as my past guide dogs did.
Another important piece is that I try my best to remember to praise him lots as that's what he works for the most.
Okie Dokie.
I'm done with the whol unwanted visitors subject and will go back to doing something positive.
Bibi and son Odie
Sent: Saturday, July 20, 2013 10:10 AM
Subject: dog food = better responsibility =
Hi Dog Lovers,
I am totally blind, now on my fifth guide dog in the last forty four years.
The care of such a special animal means responsibility.
At any feed store, Pet's Mart and such you can buy a heavy duty water 
and air tight container with a screw in and on lid.
Nothing will get inside.
The dog food simply is put in such container without all the extra 
effort of plastic bags and such.
If the container is made for such purpose then it will work.
A trash can is just that a trash can.
A dog food container is just like your own food container.
Would you use a trash bag or can to store your' food?
Of course not, so treat your dog like you' want to be treated.
I'm not eating from trash anything nor is my wonderful guide dog Fawn.
Such an air and water guide container that will hold up to fifty 
pounds of dry dog food is only $39 at WalMart.
Make the investment in your Guide Dog and stop trying to save pennies.
After all of what it sounds like you have done you could have bought 
a couple of these simple but effective containers.
May GOD Bless all of us always.

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