[nagdu] blazing trails with tails.

Julie J. julielj at neb.rr.com
Sun Jul 21 13:25:47 UTC 2013

when I moved to the small town I'm in now, I used a combination of 
strategies.  I asked my husband for directions because he is from this town, 
but that wasn't very helpful.  He's not good at directions.  He says things 
like, "it's across the street from the old Joe's Grocery."  So um yeah, 
farmer directions! LOL  Now that I've lived here for almost ten years, I can 
actually follow his directions much more easily.

Mostly though, I just ventured out and asked as I went.  So if I was going 
to the post office, I'd look up the address which would give me a good idea 
of where it was.  Then when I got close I'd just pop in to a shop ask what 
shop it was and how close I was to the post office.  this way I learned one 
random place, the place I was actually going to and sometimes some bonus 
info.  It was quite common for people to give me directions like, "the post 
office is two doors down, just after the Sally's Hair Salon."

There were places that I did need sighted help to figure out.  the hike and 
bike trails come to mind.  It's a really nice park area that stretches 
across the southern part of town.  There's no businesses or residences 
around, it borders farm fields,  so not many people to ask. If I'm 
remembering correctly I think I got directions from my husband and then 
walked with my son the first time.  It's actually an easy place to get to, 
if you know what you're looking for.

GPS could be another resource.  I don't use it much here in my town, but 
when I travel I find the ap, "Around Me" helpful.  Mostly I use it to locate 
restaurants.  It gives me the address and decent directions through the maps 
feature of my iPad.  I usually still have to ask passers by when I get close 
though.  I want to try the new Seeing Eye GPS ap, but I'm waiting until I 
splurge for an iPhone.


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