[nagdu] close call

Criminal Justice Major Extraordinaire orleans24 at comcast.net
Tue Jul 23 09:16:01 UTC 2013

hi, all,
Sub says it all.
A couple of hours ago while I was parking Odie in the north yard, five people started walking past us.
Two individuals happened to have pit bulls, a breed which is banned in the city and county of Denver.
Although the dogs were leashed, it wasn't a proper one as my friend Dolly described that it was more of a rope type leash.
Luckily, no one was hurt, but I found it disturbing that those individuals knowing that the pit bull breed is banned would sneak them into the county.
The group was obviously homeless or just street individuals.
Dolly told me that as soon as she saw the pit bulls, she immediately went back up the stairs in the lobby.
My partner Odie did something which I didn't expect.
He knew those dogs weren't nice, so figured for mine and his safety, he pulled me over to the other side of the yard.
During the incident, one of our residents happened to be outside on the sidewalk with her walker and her small chihuhua, Baby.
She was very lucky that our building security guard as out there.
Although I did notify Denver police about the illegal dogs, I'll still have to contact Animal Control, giving that this was the second time those two dogs were walked by our apartment complex.
Dolly told me she saw them yesterday during lunch hour as well.
Am glad the iron fence was in between the banned pit bulls, Odie and I.
Dolly told me they were smaller than Odie was, but she was concerned for her dog, Easter's safety.
She did mention that one of her dogs was a pit bull, but properly trained to be a well-mannered four-legged furry kid.
I just took Odie out a few minutes ago, and we definitely took the garage to the south stairwell on up the stairs and out into the south yard instead.
I wasn't chancing going out to the north yard, given that there's no security guards right now.
God was watching over Odie and I along with Dale.
bibi and son Odie

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