[nagdu] small vacation

Criminal Justice Major Extraordinaire orleans24 at comcast.net
Fri Jul 26 02:43:54 UTC 2013

Hi, all,
Odie and I are back from our small vacation with our in-laws in Aurora, Colorado.
We didn't just stay inside their house.
We did go to places so my four-legged furry partner could get exercise.
We did venture out to Buckley Airforce Base which was all new to Odie.
We're now back home and he has brand new doggy food for him.
Will have to make a trip out to Petsmart or see if Dog Savvy may have some heavy duty clips to hold the dog food bags closed once they've been opened.
Now, time for me to wash my sheets and other bedding so I can eventually lie down and hopefully get more rest.
Bibi and son Odie

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