[nagdu] puppy update

Julie J. julielj at neb.rr.com
Fri Jul 26 17:23:58 UTC 2013

Here's a web page that explains the Puppy Aptitude Test, the scoring and how 
to interpret the results.
There are other puppy temperament test from other sources.  This is just the 
most common one.

I have done this puppy test before, but not with these puppies.  The breeder 
had already done them.  When we arrived, a bit later than expected, the 
puppies had been out playing for a while.  They were tired.  I could have 
repeated the tests with them.  the scores will vary a bit as the puppies 
develop.  However because the puppies were a bit tired, because the breeder 
had already done them and from my observations she was spot on in her 
assessments of the puppies, I didn't do the formal tests with the puppies. 
I did do things like call the puppies to me, pet them, pick them up and walk 
away to see if they would follow.  I didn't keep score though.

My son picked out the name.  I was thinking Morgan or Indi for a girl, but 
they didn't seem right.  He almost instantly came up with Jetta and it felt 
right.   I Googled it last night and Volkswagen made it up in reference to 
the jet stream.  So my German dog is named after a German car that means 
strong wind!  I hope that means she will be a breeze to train and handle or 
that she'll move fast and not the less desirable interpretation of windy! 


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