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	As a point of clarification, Tenessee did not just pass the law;
what they did was amend it to be congruent with the ADA. At our 2011
national convention we passed a resolution encouraging state's to modify
their statutes so they are in parity with the ADA by removing unenforceable
provisions such as those that were in the Tennessee law requiring service
dog users to present documentation for their service dogs. Great work by the
NFB of Tennessee! Such provisions were either placed in state statutes prior
to the ADA or passed by legislators ill informed about the provisions of the
ADA. Several states have such provisions and we are working hard to have
them removed.
	Another part of the 2011 resolution was the criminalization of
access denials, a measure that would make it easier to get law enforcement
intervention and resolve discrimination cases more quickly due to the
constitutional requirement for a speedy trial. 

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Marion Gwizdala

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forgive me for being less than excited about this law change if I understood
the article correctly Tennessee is just now adding protection for guide dogs
to the state laws the same protection we have had under the ADA since 1990 i
did not see any additional protections above what the federal law says I
think it is sad that it is now 23 years after the federal law was passed.
yes I agree that the article was well written and informative I just feel
like it should have happened in the early 90's  and If I understand the ADA
correctly this change was not necessary for guide dog users to be protected
because the federal law supersedes all state laws unless the state law
provide more protection than the federal law.
again the article was fantastic and it is great that this has happened but
where is the punishment of the lawmakers that it took 23 years after the
federal law does this mean that the ADA was not being enforced in that state
like I have always said people with disabilities have to fight twice as hard
for half the respect thank you for listening  
Laura L. Thompson
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