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Hi, Minh,

Welcome to the group.  My name is Ann, and I have been a guide miniature
horse owner/handler for the past ten years.  Before that I had three guide
dogs.  I am a teacher of visually impaired students and I got my M.Ed. and
teaching certification through Boston College a couple of decades ago.  I
found the Boston area a wonderful place to travel around and live in as a
blind person--lots of public transportation, conveniently located, and easy
to get to and from there to my home near Albany, New York.  I did encounter
a few access issues with respect to housing and such, but of course, that
was in the early days of the ADA.  How have you found life and access in the
Boston area these days?

What are you studying at BC?  My professor when I was at BC is Richard
Jackson.  He has moved on to another university since then to pursue his
interest in UDL (universal design for living) which means making devices and
programs accessible to persons with all sorts of differences so that
everyone can use the same things and work/learn together, a good idea, I

Best of luck, and I'd love to hear about daily life as a blind student and
guide dog user in the Boston area as you experience it.

Ann & Panda

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Hello all,

I recently subscribed to the list and thought I would introduce myself. My
name is Minh and I arrived home with my first guide dog, Viva a month and a
half ago from Guide Dogs for the Blind. I'm currently studying at Boston
College and I'm hoping this list will be a valuable resource as Viva and I
go through this transition together.


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