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Greetings my friends,
	 I  appreciate everyone's comments and input on this list. I have learned vast amounts of information since I have joined, and this is due to your experiences and concerns expressed . A trend  of comments I have taken notice  of is the lack of control dog owners have  on  their own service animals. It appears many have had bad experiences either at this convention or prior ones. In Orlando this year, my first convention, I unfortunately experienced a same scare. A friend of mine was staying a few rooms down from me. So me and another friend of mine went for a visit. I had My dog with me. We were in the hallway, not even up to the door yet, for we were lagging behind. My friend opened the door and all of a sudden I hear two dogs barking and viciously growling  coming at Shep and I; they proceeded to jump him. One was a slightly larger shepherd that has had a history of aggression issues. the other was a pitt . Both were service animals. Shep was obviously shaken a little, but he showed no sign and worked wonderfully the rest of the day. Of course, I had his back, I dropped Shep's harness and grabbed one dogand pulled him off and then the other. As I had each dog in each hand and  was about   to teach them a little obediaence training of myone but finally after about 20 seconds of chaos one of my friends and dog owner of the uncontrolled  was finally able to call them in, him being limited himself in a wheelchair. Point is this: If you have a service dog, you are responsible for that dog- what it does, what it doesn't do. If your dog attacks another, you are allowing your dogto potentially affect the future work of another.Control your dog. If someone comes to your room or room,  put your dog up or tie it down.  If you can't control- Don't open the door! SHow a little common sense and courtesy for others;  that way it cannot leave the room and be aggressive towards either a person or as in my case, there happening to be a guide dog in the hallway.  Having a service animal is a important  responsibility that we should take seriously, be respectful of others and their dogs,maturely  and responsibly have control of your dog at all times. If you cannot do this at all times, you should seriously consider ceasing from using a dog as a means of mobility. You obviously cannot handle it and it's not for you. It only takes one careless and scatter-brained moment to cause injury to yourself, another dog, or another person. Service animals are to be an asset, not an added hinderance reluctance to travel. I am sure there are many on here  as well as at our schools in which we received our dogs, that can give us good guidelines in avoiding such occurances.

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