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Hi, Darla,

You shouldn't have any trouble gaining access at the coffee roaster.  Even
if they give tours of the facility, these days, due to security, safety,
and health concerns,  the general public/tourists are not given access to
the actual working space where the food product is being handled.  It's not
like walking through a kitchen where food is being prepared.  Probably
everything will be behind glass and such.  Actually, I think the greater
problem you will have is actually gaining access to the visual information
being shown while you are there.  Of course, there will be the wonderful
smells of roasting coffee and such, and hopefully they will give good verbal
descriptions of what others are taking in visually, and they may have
samples of the beans and coffee at various stages in the process that you
can handle--at least, that's what I would wish for if I were going on such a
trip.  But I wouldn't expect them to give you any trouble about entering
with your guide dog.  I might bring along my copy of the ADA requirements
for places of public accommodation, just in case they need a little
educating.  That should be sufficient.

Good luck.


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My husband made plans for us to tour one; he didn't say we are blind and
that I have a dog.  I don't see any issue here, but he says if they say
anything, we'll just make arrangements and go another time.  This does not
sit well with me.

Darla & hardworking Huck



Darla J. Rogers

djrogers0628 at gmail.com


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