[nagdu] Guide Dogs as "chick magnets"

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hello mark.  i have the same thoughts.  but i get the little old 
grandma's geting a pet with my sheppard.  she gives them the look 
like what are you flipping doing.  it freeks them out.
  i let them know that she is working.  and i back a way from 
them.  and it works for a little wile though.

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>Hello fellow guide dog handlers,

>I have only been amongst your ranks for a few weeks; however, I 
have noticed
>a wonderful benefit of having a dog on a college campus.  The dog 
is a total
>chick magnet.  Although I am always trying to tern this to my 
advantage, I am
>as yet unsuccessful.  It would appear that I am only the geeky 
side kick to
>the dog.  People remember the dogs name, and say hi to him, by 
his pseudonym
>of course, but hardly acknowledge me.

>Are I alone in this experience, and what tips and suggestions 
having you
>found to do the following?

>1.  Somehow get people to leave your dog alone long enough to do 
what you
>are trying to do in the first place.

>2.  When you have the time, get people to pay attention to you 
for more than
>10 seconds.

>3.  Petting in harness.  How to avoid.  I tell the people not to 
pet the dog
>when he is working, however this is seldom successful.  I don't 
want to be
>rude because it is typically cute girls cooing over the dog, 
>techniques must be successful.

>4.  As sort of a continuation of 3, because of my saying "no 
petting in
>harness" whenever he is off harness I am mobbed.

>  5..  What to do about people who are absolutely terrified.  I 
seem to have a
>hilarious scared the life out of someone moment about once a day.

>I look forward to reading your comments on this post.  It should 
be quite



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