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	Let's start at the beginning - the actual shopping. When I do
grocery shopping myself (my wife usually does the grocery shopping), I
generally go to the customer service desk and request someone to help me
find the items. I go with them because I comparative shop, meaning, I
compare the size, price, and brand of the item I want. I also confirm the
date of items with close expirations, such as milk and meats to make sure
they will not spoil before I can use them.

	One of the best things to get for a blind shopper is a suitcase on
wheels. I will caution you, though, that these wheels are not meant for the
type of use we will give them, as they are meant for wheeling through an
airport for a few hundred yards, not the miles we will put on them bringing
home our groceries! Another handy tool we use is a collapsible hand truck I
believe we bought at Walmart. We use this for bringing home our dog and cat
food, since we buy dog food in 40-lb. bags to feed Dogzilla and the other
two pups. Another handy item is a large sturdy back pack. Our backs make for
good transport!

	I hope this information has been helpful. If you have other
questions, please write again!

Fraternally yours,
Marion Gwizdala

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Hey guys, first I want to thank all of yall for the help yall have given me.
It has helped me enormously with my trip down the road of owning a seeingEye
dog. Now, I have a question: What do yall do when you go to the store? I
mean.do you have something dto carry your groceries in? How do you get from
home to the store and back? Mainly what you do with the groceries though.and
what you do with your dog while your shopping.or do you just have customer
service get your items for you? 



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