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Are you saying that I was being ugly about it?

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Yes, it does. You can disagree and that's fine. The person starting this
thread asked a question and I gave my opinion. 
You don't have to agree. You also don't have to be ugly about it. 
We all have different things we like or don't like and following was one of
the things I just didn't like for a bunch of reasons.

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Sheesh, does it really bother you that much? I use both methods of people
giving me directions and following, with which one I use at the time
depending on the situation. For me, there are some situations in which it
just is not practical for someone to tell me every turn, especially if it is
really noisy or in a big space, such as an airport, where there are a lot of
people and not really defined paths. If it is just me and the person whom
Lexia is following, that person usually talks to me periodically. Also, I
have enough vision  to kind of tell if I think that Lexia is starting to get
too far behind. I ask the person to slow down or wait if I think we are
falling behind. In cases where ther is at least one more person, there will
be someone behind me that can watch.
Yes, I do sometimes have trouble with Lexia not guiding well, such as not
stopping for stairs, when following, but I usually handle it the same way
that I would handle it otherwise, and I also ask the person leading to pause
at stairs, which usually makes Lexia less likely to mess up.
The best method that I have found for keeping Lexia from passing the person
she is following is to have the person walk on the left. Yes, I know that it
goes against traffic, but, in some situations, there is so much chaos that
no one really notices. Otherwise, Lexia tends to vere off to the left and
pull up beside the person. I also find that holding the leash in my right
hand if I can helps her not vere left.

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