[nagdu] Colorado floods: Denver police officer gives guide dog all the credit for saving man

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Colorado floods: Denver police officer gives guide dog all the credit for
saving man

By Ryan Parker

The Denver Post

Posted:   09/13/2013 09:36:51 AM MDT40 comments



A blind man was saved by his guide dog Friday morning after the two were
sucked down a drainage culvert in northeast Denver.


"The dog was the hero," said Del Creason, a Denver police officer who was
the first responder to the scene.


The victim, identified by Creason as Ronnie Webb, was knocked over by
floodwaters while walking the dog at 8:30 a.m. near East 13th Avenue and
Xenia Street.


While doing his patrol, Creason saw the dog near the water, paying
particular attention to something, which, when upon further examination,
turned out to be Webb. 


Creason attempted to save them both, but as the officer approached, Webb
screamed for help, which led to the dog jumping into the water, Creason


"Right then, they both got sucked under 13th Avenue," Creason said.


Having grown up in the area, Creason knew the tunnels and where they would
surface, he said. 


With the help of a paramedic who was nearby, Creason was able to get Webb
and the dog out of the water in the 1500 block of Akron Street, he said. 


"He and the dog were in the tunnel for 17 minutes," Creason said. "I'm sure
he used the dog to keep afloat." 


Giving all the credit to Webb's dog, Creason said he was happy he could help
them and apologized to Webb for not getting to them faster initially. 


"He (Webb) is a super- nice guy," Creason said. "I am glad it worked out the
way it did." 


Both Webb and his dog are fine and have been reunited, Creason said.




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