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JMHO, you should try to explain to the professor that your dog was not being
aggressive . People can misinterpret the behavior of our dogs sometimes, but
people need to trust what you say about your dog.
A few suggestions for the future:
1. Could you try to reproduce a similar situation with some of your friends
to practice keeping your dog calm?
2. If you know that there is going to be a situation to get him excited,
could you try to do something ahead of time to get some of his energy out?
I know what you mean about people misinterpreting an excited dog as an
aggressive dog. No one has ever done that for Lexia, but I know that they
could as she is very bouncy out of harness sometimes. However, I do not take
her harness off that much in public.

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First I would like to say that I was surprised by the activity did not know
it was going to be taking place second the quite place was the idea that the
guide dog school came up with third the problem was Vegas got excited was
not aggressive as the professor is letting on. Vegas was in his lets visit
everyone mode that I am trying to break him of for the rest of the meeting
that is why I was having trouble holding him back fourth this started
because wen he got excited he scared someone who was afraid of dogs and she
complained afterwards to the professor 
Laura L. Thompson
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