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Dear josh,
	I don't know if John Byfield is twill with Fidelco or not; I am
thinking not, but their program is small, and they do only home placements,
so I imagine it could take that long to find the right match for you.
	Personally, I have seen some excellent dogs from that program, and i
have seen ones with behavior and health problems, but this could occur with
any school.
Darla & GDA guide Huck

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Is there anyone that has or has had a Fidelco dog? I was wondering how long
it took you to get your dog? I was approved last month, and I understand
that it takes time to find the right match for your placement, but all I am
being told is that it could take six months to a year. Also, if anyone has
any opinions about Fidelco, I would be glad to hear them.


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