[nagdu] Getting a dog guide

Shelby Young blindatbirth at gmail.com
Wed Sep 25 20:48:26 UTC 2013

Hello everyone,
I do not have a guide dog yet, but in considering getting one. I have posted on the blind parents list and blind parents group on Facebook, so if this is a repeat I apologize.
Where did you get your dog from? Where would you consider getting your dog from? What breed of dog do you like the best, why and why not? Do you have children while using your dog? What things what I need to purchase for my dog before hand, and what things do the schools usually give? 
I am looking into Fidelco guide dogs foundation or leader dogs for the blind. I talk to Fidelco and like that they do and community placement. I have a son, almost 14 months old and don't have the option to leave him for at least two weeks. I spoke with leader dogs and they said they could come to my home as well. They only do that on special circumstances though. Leader dogs will send me the class lectures before hand so I can master them. Does anyone have any thoughts on either of these schools? Please let me know the good, the bad and the ugly.
I am not completely set on getting a guy, it's just something I am looking into and would like as much information as possible.
I apologize for any typing mistakes, I'm using dictation on my phone and don't have the time to go fix everything.

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