[nagdu] Getting my first dog later in life

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Welcome, Carol.
People decide on getting dogs at any age or time in their lives.  It is 
solely their choice and soounds like the time is right for you.  Good luck 
in the new dog and retirement!

Lyn and Landon
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> Hello Cindy, I agree with what you are saying.  In the vast majority of 
> cases, the individual is not intentionally being rude.
> You asked why I am getting a dog at this point in my life.  I will 
> explain.
> I have spent most of my adult life in the BEP Program.  When I had a snack 
> bar I could not justify having a dog lay behind the counter for 9 to 10 
> hours a day.  When I took over a vending route I felt it was easier using 
> a cane climbing in and out of a truck, pulling a cart and filling 
> machines.  I know there are blind venders that use dogs and I respect 
> their choice.  But for me, I felt a cane was the way to go.  Also, at the 
> current time I live in a rural area with no public transportation, so it 
> is not possible for me to travel independently with a dog from here.
> Now that I am retired, My husband (who is sighted) and I are selling our 
> home in Michigan and moving to a large 55 and over community in Florida. 
> There are many activities in a community like this and my husband and I 
> are looking forward to a  busy lifestyle.  We enjoy doing many things 
> together but there will be times that I will want to do something he is 
> not interested in and I want the freedom to go places alone.  I could 
> still do this with a cane but I think I will be much more comfortable with 
> a dog.
> I have RP, so there are several blind people in my family including my 
> parents and siblings.  I will be the first one to use a dog.  Since this 
> is not the norm for my family, it was a difficult decision but I feel sure 
> it is the right one for me.
> I am looking forward to getting to know all of you.
> Carol
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