[nagdu] Too much Sniffing

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Thu Jan 16 12:21:07 UTC 2014

Hi Darla.
I have had the same problem all the years I've had Ben.  His chain collar is 
not really the ideal size for him, so it sits on his shoulders more than his 
neck, and he laughs at my attempts to correct him.
The only thing that really works is the pinch collar.  I don't like it, so I 
only put it on when he's getting really out of hand, but it gets his 
I tried the GL, but it slowed Ben down, and didn't do a thing to stop his 
sniffing.  He is less sniffy when he's trotting along at a sharp pace.
However, if you like the GL, you can use it, whether or not GDA does.

A friend suggested I give Ben a treat at the end of every block, so he would 
think about that and not dally.  Or to teach him a counter-command, like, 
when he starts sniffing, to tell him to touch my hand and give him a treat. 
I did not try either of these methods, though they may work.  I wouldn't put 
it past Ben to sniff just so he can get the counter-command and get a treat. 
That's a pretty short chain, and he's definitely smart enough to work it 
Good luck.

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> As all of you know, I love this dog to pieces but oh that labbie nose; he
> sniffs way too much and doesn't seem to mind the corrections. Sometimes,
> "Leave it" works, but at other times, it works for that distraction but 
> not
> the next.
>                Any ideas?  GDA does not use the gentle leader or haltie.
> Desperately,
> And Huck the biggest Nose of the Midwest
> Darla J. Rogers
> djrogers0628 at gmail.com
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