[nagdu] Review: Oster nail grinder

Tracy Carcione carcione at access.net
Mon Jan 20 16:59:00 UTC 2014

I recently bought the Oster pet nail grinder, which plugs into an outlet, 
instead of using a battery.  It was about $50 on Amazon.
I've been using the Dremmel nail grinder for years, but I wanted something 
where I wouldn't have to deal with batteries giving out halfway through the 
job, so I got the Oster.
The cord is about 10 feet long.  It plugs into a humongous adapter, which 
plugs into the outlet.  I have to be careful to keep myself or the dog from 
getting tangled in the cord, but that's not too hard to do.
The grinder itself is very light, long and sleek.  It has a variable speed 
control, unlike the Dremmel, which only has 2 speeds.  The Dremmel only 
turns in one direction, but the Oster can manually be turned in either 
direction, though it only spins one way while operating.  This means that 
the grinder tends to stop spinning if there's too much friction when it 
touches the nail.  It requires a light touch, and it has to be set at a 
pretty high speed to keep it going.  This may cause more vibration when it 
does touch the nail, though Ben does not complain.  But then, he's a very 
patient dog.
Some reviewers on Amazon said it was noisy, but I don't think it's any 
noisier than the Dremmel, and might even be a little quieter.  I have no 
trouble hearing the TV while I'm doing Ben's nails.
I am slowly getting the hang of the Oster, and I am glad I don't have to 
worry about running out of juice anymore. But I wish it had some of the 
other features of the Dremmel.

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