[nagdu] UK: Guide Dog forced to give up training after attack

Ginger Kutsch GingerKutsch at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 21 15:04:36 UTC 2014

UK: Guide Dog forced to give up training after attack



A  GUIDE dog has been forced to quit her training after being attacked by
two other dogs in Leamington.


Golden Retriever Lucky was out with a trainer when set upon by two
Staffordshire bull terrier type dogs in George Street. The terriers, one of
which was muzzled, had managed to break free from a bike they were tied to
outside a nearby shop 


The owner did manage to pull off the dogs attacking Lucky, but while she
fortunately escaped serious physical injury, she was so mentally scarred she
has been forced to stop her Guide Dog training.


Guide Dogs Engagement Officer Robert Jinks, said: "As a result of this
attack, the Guide Dog has sadly lost all confidence and has had to be
withdrawn from the training programme. 


"She will no longer be able to fulfil her duties of guiding people who are
blind and partially sighted."


The attack is the latest in a worrying trend on Guide Dogs and has prompted
a plea to dog owners to ensure their pets are kept under control.


Mr Jinks added: "Each month in this country ten Guide Dogs are attacked by
other dogs. The charity is urgently requesting all dog owners to be
responsible for the care and control of their own dogs. 


"Guide Dogs also urge all members of the public to be aware of the needs of
people with a visual impairment.


"To train and support a Guide Dog throughout its working life costs the
Charity some £50,000. Lucky will no longer be able to work for Guide Dogs in
any capacity."


Lucky is currently staying with a border while her future is sorted out.



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