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	I suggest everyone first consider training programs that offer true
ownership of the dog upon completion of training. This avoids the type of
arbitrary, paternalistic  interference some have experienced from those
training programs that retain ownership. It is also good to inquire about
how various programs handle complaints from the public. Some programs will
not accept anonymous complaints and employ third party objective evidence of
abuse or neglect, while others accept anonymous complaints and will remove a
dog even if a complaint is unfounded. 

Fraternally yours,
Marion Gwizdala

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Hello everyone.
I thought I'd come over here and introduce myself, and I have a bit of an
My name is Matt, and I am from Ontario Canada. I am hoping to get a guide
dog sometime in the future, my goal is to have one by the end of this year.
I've done extended research and spoken to various schools.
I came across this school called Fidelco. If there's anyone on this list who
have had experiences, good or bad with Fidelco, I'd like to hear about them.
Thank you. :)

Matthew Dierckens
Macintosh Trainer
Blind Access Training
1-877-774-7670 ext. 4

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