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Lost the stream here about a minute ago. 

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The meeting is now streaming.

Let me know if you are having any problems.


On 7/1/14, Aaron Cannon <cannona at fireantproductions.com> wrote:
> Hi all.
> Just wanted to remind everyone that the NAGDU annual meetings will be
> streamed live over the internet, and the first one is tonight,
> starting promptly at 7:00 Eastern time, 4:00 Pacific.  To access the
> stream, visit the NAGDU home page at http://nagdu.org/ for the link.
> More details about the meetings are below, but trust me, you won't
> want to miss the big announcement, especially if you... well, I better
> not say any more, but believe me, it's exciting.
> We plan to have the stream running and the microphones on at least 10
> minutes before the meeting starts, so if you don't hear much except
> for some quiet talking, don't worry.  It just means that folks are
> finishing up with registration.
> But wait, thanks to the miracle of technology, you don't have to feel
> left out at this time either.  Simply visit the NAGDU web site, and
> renew your membership in the organization, and perhaps even send us a
> donation.
> Thanks for your support, and we hope you enjoy the meetings.
> Sincerely
> Aaron Cannon
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> Subject: [Nfbnet-members-list] About Liquid Sunshine, Live Streams,
> and Guide Dog Users
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> Please circulate the following message as widely as appropriate!
> Greetings from the Sunshine State!
> ...
>                  The National Federation of the
> Blind is recognized as an innovator in the field
> of blindness. As a strong and proud division of
> the NFB, NAGDU is the leading force in the guide
> dog Movement. During our meeting on July 1, we
> will reflect our heritage with the NFB and our
> leadership in the service animal movement by
> launching an innovative, amazing resource that
> will dramatically change the way guide and other
> service animal users protect their civil rights.
> If you are a guide dog user or interested in
> guide dog users' issues, you will not want to
> miss this exciting, groundbreaking announcement!
> We will also hear from an expert in Sharia law
> who will discuss the official view of service
> animals under Islamic law and practice.
>            On Thursday, July 3, we will hear from
> several guide dog training programs who have
> instituted new programs that are changing the way
> guide dog users undergo training, including
> fast-track training, community training, and
> training that incorporates both residential and
> community training. We are looking forward to a
> packed room, so plan on coming early and staying
> late to mix & mingle with your fellow guide dog
> users and trainers! Both our meetings will be
> held in Salon 3, Level 2 of the rosen Plaza Hotel
> & Convention Center. Registration begins at 6:00
> p.m. and will close at 6:45 p.m. Our meetings will begin promptly at 7:00
> p.m.
> Did you say you're not able to make the meeting?
> Not so! You can be a part of this exciting pair
> of meetings, even if you're not in Orlando! This
> year, NAGDU will be streaming our meetings live.
> The live stream will be available from the
> homepage of our website! Simply go to
> <http://nagdu.org>http://nagdu.org
> and find the link to the live stream. Our
> meetings will be held on Tuesday, July 1 and
> Thursday, July 3 beginning at 7:00 p.m. Don't
> miss a minute of the most dynamic gathering of
> guide dog users in the world and the incredible
> announcement that will be made! If you would like
> to make a contribution to defray the cost of our
> live stream, you can do so by going to our donation page
> http://nagdu.org/donation
> The National Association of Guide dog Users is
> the leader in guide and service animal policy,
> education, and advocacy for guide dog users! We
> are also the most dynamic, innovative, and
> energetic organization of guide dog users in the
> world! Our influence and strength are the result
> of our robust membership.   If you are not a
> member of NAGDU or one of its affiliate
> divisions, you are invited to join our ranks and
> support our goal of Living the Life You Want as a
> guide dog user. Membership in the National
> Association of guide dog Users also makes you a
> member of the National Federation of the Blind.
> Joining is painless and simple. Our dues are only
> $5.00 annually and you can join and pay your dues
> online. For more information about joining NAGDU, please go to
> http://nagdu.org/membership.html
>            Don't forget about the NAGDU
> Information & Advocacy Hotline where you can hear
> information about service animal laws and
> regulations, as well as connect to a live
> advocate who can help you in the event you face
> access problems because of your guide dog. You
> can call the Hotline 24/7 by calling 888-NAGDU411
> (888-624-3841). The Hotline recently received a
> sizable grant from Twilio Cloud Communications to
> support the Hotline for years to come. Thanks to
> Twilio for their generosity and support of this valuable resource!
>            Finally, you are invited to read our
> NAGDU blog - Harness Up! You can read the blog
> and sign up for notifications when new posts are published by going to
> <http://harnessup.wordpress.com>http://harnessup.wordpress.com
>            I look forward to seeing you in
> Orlando or having you participate on our live
> stream. If you have any questions, do not
> hesitate to get in touch with me. My contact information is below my
> signature.
> `Fraternally yours,
> Marion Gwizdala, President
> National Association of Guide dog Users Inc.
> National Federation of the Blind
> Office: 813-626-2789
> Hotline: 888-NAGDU411 (888-624-3841
> <mailto:Info at nagdu.org>Info at nagdu.org
> http://nagdu.org

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