[nagdu] promised introduction

Becky Frankeberger b.butterfly at comcast.net
Wed Jul 2 16:25:30 UTC 2014

Greetings everyone,


I am Becky from the great State of Washington, otherwise known as the
leftist coast, giggle. My home is on a little trout lake, which my husband
takes  full advantage of, about twenty miles north of Olympia. So an hour
and a half from Seattle.  


Jake is my third golden retriever. Can you tell I love the breed, smile. Had
a mismatch yellow labby who is happily retired.Jake is nine and a half years
old and is from the Seeing Eye. With the kick this boy has in his paws, he
isn't thinking of retiring and that is fine with me, smile.


My husband has a guide dog from Guide Dogs for the Blind. So two dog
household as well as the humans who love them.


I have a home knitting and crochet business that the great State of
Washington helped finance. They loved my business plan, smile. Summer is
slow for me, so if you are thinking of gifts, afghans, ponchos, my latest is
a one piece hat scarf combo, very cute and warm, let's talk and figure out
what works for you. My contact information is below.




Becky and Jake waving a paw    

Becky Frankeberger

Butterfly Knitting

-           Ponchos

-           Afghans

-           Shawls

-           Custom Knitting


becky at butterflyknitting.com



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