[nagdu] We booked our B&B!!!

Daryl Marie crazymusician at shaw.ca
Sat Jul 5 01:30:54 UTC 2014

So as an update, hubby and I found a little B&B in New York City where we can hang our hats while we visit all the sites over the holidays.

This B&B CAN fall under the exemption to ADA compliance, as the owner lives on-site and it has fewer than five rooms, and New York statute seems to be silent on this issue.  Because this appeared to be the case, I did email the innkeeper and advised them that I would be traveling with a service dog.  They wrote back and said no problem!  We booked the room this evening.

So.... the big (expensive) pieces have all fit together!

Daryl and Jenny (who doesn't understand the happiness, but is wagging her tail enthusiastically anyway)

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