[nagdu] Seeking information, new member interested in getting a dog guide

Candy Berg candyberg at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jul 5 18:14:15 UTC 2014

Hi All,


I  just joined this mailing list in hopes of getting some information
regarding dog guides and schools. I  am totally blind, been so all my life,
I've always wondered about switching from cane travel to dog guided travel
but with school, busy career, etc., I  never fully explored this option. I
want to do so now. We live in a  rural area, so my travel needs don't
involve heavy traffic situations, more open areas (rural roads and beaches)
which seem to me would lend themselves particularly well to dog guided
travel. I  love dogs and have always had them as pets; I  know a  dog guide
is a  completely different relationship and responsibility. The other reason
I'm investigating dog guides at this time is that my last pet dog died a
few months ago, so I  don't have the issue of introducing a  dog guide into
a  household with a  pet already in residence. 

I would appreciate anyone's input on my situation, including thoughts about
schools; I'm especially interested in programs with some community training
element given the nature of where I  live and my travel needs. Any input
would be welcome, or suggestions where I  might research all this further. I
live in northern California. 

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.




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