[nagdu] Seeking information, new member interested in getting a dog guide

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Hi Candy.

Welcome rto the list. My name is Matthhew from columbus ohio. I am 
working my first gguide dog name/dI /zzy. She is a 3 year old black lab 
and she is a good wotthewrker. I hope you find a good school that will 
soot you well/.


On 07/05/2014 02:40 PM, Larry D Keeler via nagdu wrote:
> Well Candy, in my experience a guide dog can be a great thing! I live 
> in Ann Arbor and am working my first guide. I didn't decide to get her 
> until I hit my fortiendy.

> s. I have been totally blind for most of my life. I live in the city 
> and guide dogs work well in the city or in the country. A few things 
> to remember. First, when chosing a school, ask a lot of questions and 
> look at all of the school contracts. Also, some schools like Pilot, 
> the one I got my dog from offer different breeds than some other 
> schools. Make sure that the school has what you want. Having pet dogs 
> doesn't mean you can't also have a guide dog. When I braught Holly 
> home, I also had a little goofy dog. They had a little bit of a shaky 
> start, about an hour and now get along great! I take both out for 
> relief together. Of course, having a guide dog is like having a pet 
> but with more responsibility. You have to make sure that they don't go 
> potty in public or eat off tables and keep them more groomed than you 
> might your pet. This is because folks in school and on the job will 
> look at both you and your dog. If you like to walk alot or go lots of 
> places, your dog will love it as well! I use mine in the city, in the 
> country and just about every public situation you can imagine! We've 
> even been to see the mayor on a couple of occassions! There is a whole 
> lot more to say so I'll let others on the list fill in more but 
> lastly, don't plan on throwing out your cane! I use that thing when 
> its to hot, cold, or just really difficult to bring your dog.
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> a dog guide
>> Hi All,
>> I just joined this mailing list in hopes of getting some information
>> regarding dog guides and schools. I am totally blind, been so all my 
>> life,
>> I've always wondered about switching from cane travel to dog guided 
>> travel
>> but with school, busy career, etc., I never fully explored this 
>> option. I
>> want to do so now. We live in a rural area, so my travel needs don't
>> involve heavy traffic situations, more open areas (rural roads and 
>> beaches)
>> which seem to me would lend themselves particularly well to dog guided
>> travel. I love dogs and have always had them as pets; I know a dog guide
>> is a completely different relationship and responsibility. The other 
>> reason
>> I'm investigating dog guides at this time is that my last pet dog died a
>> few months ago, so I don't have the issue of introducing a dog guide 
>> into
>> a household with a pet already in residence.
>> I would appreciate anyone's input on my situation, including thoughts 
>> about
>> schools; I'm especially interested in programs with some community 
>> training
>> element given the nature of where I live and my travel needs. Any input
>> would be welcome, or suggestions where I might research all this 
>> further. I
>> live in northern California.
>> Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
>> Best,
>> Candy
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